A user first approach to mobile payments and fraud prevention

Bouncer is an SDK for scanning and verifying credit cards and photo IDs in mobile apps. We layer in sophisticated real-time checks during the scan to provide high confidence authentications instantly with no user confusion.

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Product Security without Tradeoffs

Easy to use

Card Scan is designed to be simple and straightforward so your users never pause in your payment flow. Card Scan supports every card style and takes less than one second to scan.

Higher Conversion

Adding an option to use Card Scan improves payment conversion by up to 5%. Card Scan is faster than other card scanning technology, including custom built solutions and supports every card design on the market.

Intuitive design

Bouncer is something different: flows that add security while reducing churn. We do it by packing a lot of intelligence behind the flow, and by obesessing over the user experience in every interaction we design.

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Card Scan + Card Verify

Add and authenticate payments with Card Verify

Card Scan is the easiest way to add payment into your mobile app, and our verification checks provide confidence the card is truly present when scanned into the app. You can screen when cards are added into the app, or apply to high risk transactions instead of a manual review.

  •  Sophisticated image analysis detect fake cards
  •  Small SDK size, less than 2mb
  •  Card images and numbers never leave your app

Coming Soon!   ID Scan + ID Verify

Verify photo IDs and passports with ID Scan

Verify your user’s identity and authenticate the ID is real and truly present. Launching Summer 2020

Coming Soon!

Founded From Experience

We ran security, payment, and fraud teams for companies like Lyft and Twitter, and started Bouncer to solve the pain we saw when companies struggle to balance security with user experience and friction. Bouncer’s products are designed to end the tradeoff debate -- we are building the best product experiences that come packaged with the greatest security.

Will Megson

Co-founder and CEO

Sam King

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Steven Liu


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