better way to add, verify and detect

Bouncer provides powerful verification with a simple scan for any card or ID, while cleanly flagging stolen cards and high risk transactions

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Why Bouncer?

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    Designed to delight

    Others build fraud solutions backwards: designed first to keep users out, and thinking about good users second. Bouncer builds ground up for the good users - simple, intuitive, delightful flows that provide powerful authentication so you don’t have to compromise.

  • Icon Tech

    Cutting-edge tech, built mobile-first

    We leverage the latest academic research — some published by us — to stay ahead in the evolving world of account security and fraud. We build mobile-first so we work in the most restrictive environments, but keep it extensible anywhere. 

  • Icon Solution

    A complete solution

    Bouncer provides solutions for both sides of the risk problem. By layering authentication with detection, we can make better optimized tradeoffs between conversion and security. We give you full control: use any pay provider, set your own growth/risk tradeoffs, control the user experience.

Our Products

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    Scan and verify payment cards

    Scan credit cards in your app while cleanly flagging stolen cards. Works on any card, and powerful model verifications confirm true card presence in real time. 

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    A risk score that actually works

    A fraud model and rules engine that flags high risk transactions, tailored for your users, app, and specific fraud vectors. Built just for you, informed by the entire Bouncer ecosystem. 

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